A Message to the tribe


We will not be gathering this Sunday, February 14.

Unfortunately, we have had some increasingly problematic issues with our roofs on our buildings... minor leaks that have become pretty major. We are working with a roofing company to get these issues resolved next week so that it doesn’t continue to affect our ability to gather in the future. However, heavy rain is expected in our forecast for this weekend.

Also, and certainly more importantly, I have felt a heavy (a good heavy) weight in my spirit all week about the words Abba has released through me over the past few weeks, and I believe we need to rehearse them before moving forward.

I am listing last Sunday’s service below and I encourage you to sit and listen. There is something glory-filled and wondrous coming to our house and our hearts need to be consecrated unto Him as He prepares us. This is not some excuse or something that I am saying to make up for having issues with our roofs, those that know me know that it is actually the other way around. The roof issues confirm what I feel in my spirit…let’s pause.

I feel this, Tribe…trust me. Trust the beautiful process Holy Spirit is walking us through. Have an amazing, restful weekend. Give your kids more attention, show your spouse extra affection, and most importantly simply take some time to be quiet with the Father. I love you dearly and I am so thankful to be joined to you.

Be blessed!




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