A Message to the tribe

Good Morning, Tribe:

As hurricane Laura nears landfall today, my heart is stirred.

At this point in time, this storm has the potential to hit the Texas/Louisiana border tonight as a Category 4 hurricane. I believe because of what we have walked through in our own city and lives, we have a unique grace to intercede on behalf of these people and their lands, to stand in the gap for them and to pray with a heart of sincerity and understanding.

So, I am asking the tribe to find a set-apart moment in your day today, touch that “memorial stone” in your heart, and pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana to have peace in the midst of the storm. I am also speaking to this storm to calm, that it will start to dissipate in the gulf and weaken before touching land.

I feel this strongly this morning. Love you all and look forward to being with you Sunday.

Be blessed!


August 26, 2020